Should the Blue Angel for wood-burning stoves be awarded, stricter limits will have to be observed. What these will look like is not yet known. Here we show a scenario.

Single room combustion CO Dust η
BImSchV 2. Stufe 1250 mg/Nm³ 40 mg/Nm³ 73%
Blue Angel * 1250 mg/Nm³ 40 mg/Nm³ 73%

* Same limit values, but different measurement methodology

4 million stoves need to be expanded

The legislator stipulates that within the next seven years all wood-burning stoves and small combustion plants must have significantly lower emission values.

31.12.1974 31.12.1984 31.12.1994 21.03.2010
Year of construction of the furnace

over 900 combustion
prohibition zones in Germany

At present, there are already more than 900 combustion ban zones in Germany. These can be extended even further by clean air regulations and climate change. Burning prohibition zones reduce the available market!

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