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Wohnen und Wärme live

A retrofit kit for already installed furnaces ensures that the emission limits are safely complied with even after the replacement deadline has been reached. Mr. Meier and Mr. Hoferecht got to know each other at the ISH 2019 trade fair in Frankfurt. Mr. Meier from the company Wohnen und Wärme Live visited the Blue Fire booth in hall 9.2 in Frankfurt. A possible retrofit set for the.
KAGO ovens on the market. With his company Wohnen und Wärme Live Mr. Meier supplies KAGO customers with spare parts of all kinds. The Garanta 600 series fireplace insert was the first project to be determined. Several times sketches and technical drawings of a holding system with integrated bypass were exchanged until the final design was finally determined. The system has undergone a type test and will be available to customers in autumn 2019. Thanks to the type-tested retrofit set with Blue Fire catalysts, the limit values for CO and dust can be safely undercut and the familiar firing system can be used for many more years without having to be replaced. This saves costs and resources and the environment is not only protected by the reduction of emissions. We are already very excited about further projects together with Wohnen und Wärme Live and wish great success with the retrofit set for the Garanta 600 series.
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A comprehensive test phase over 4 years confirms the partnership of BRUNNER and Blue Fire and has strengthened the mutual trust in the long term. When people come together to share visions, this leads to a successful and sustainable project result, as described here. Since 2016 the companies Ulrich BRUNNER GmbH and Blue Fire GmbH have been working together. Four years ago, BRUNNER decided to equip the firing system installed in the customer exhibition with Blue Fire catalysts. On the basis of the nominal heat output, Blue Fire engineers calculated that 5 standard catalysts with the dimensions of 155 mm x 120 mm x 18 mm each should be installed in the firing
must be integrated. The development engineers at BRUNNER have implemented the jointly defined framework conditions excellently and integrated the Blue Fire catalysts into the combustion chamber of the furnace. Thus, this stylish fireplace supplies the entire exhibition area with heat. Since 2016, it has been doing so with even lower emissions thanks to the Blue Fire catalysts. The close and trusting cooperation of both companies and the excellent quality and long-term stability of the Blue Fire catalysts have now led to Ulrich BRUNNER GmbH equipping the first unit of the Panorama series with Blue Fire catalysts in series. We are looking forward to further exciting projects together with Ulrich BRUNNER GmbH and wish them good success with the attractive Panorama series.
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The Blue Fire catalysts were extensively tested on the in-house test stand of Oranier Heiztechnik GmbH. This has resulted in a solid partnership between Oranier and Blue Fire.
The two companies Oranier Heiztechnik GmbH and Blue Fire GmbH have been working together for several years. In this mutual cooperation the first tests with Blue Fire catalysts were started at Oranier. The engineers from both companies have agreed on the function of the firing system and the way of integration of the Blue Fire catalysts.
intensively exchanged. The tests were positive so that some furnaces of Oranier Heiztechnik GmbH will now be equipped with Blue Fire catalysts. In particular, very good reductions in CO emissions could be achieved for furnaces with large glass contents. We are looking forward to further exciting projects together with the company Oranier Heiztechnik GmbH and wish maximum success with the jointly implemented projects.
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